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Hunan Yonker Water Affairs Co,.LTD.

 Hunan Yonker Water Affairs Co,.LTD.

Hunan Yonker water affairs Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Yonker water") belonging to the Hunan Yonker investment Refco Group Ltd. Main group of atmospheric governance, sewage treatment, solid waste disposal,environmental thermoelectric, soil remediation, technology research and development, environmental protection engineering consultation, equipment manufacturing, engineering design, project contracting, environmental protection facilities and other business operations as a whole, forming a complete environmental protection industry chain, is a company with a complete industrial chain and provide national environmental protection a full range of environmental management services group.

Yonker water was founded in 1998, mainly engaged in water treatment,solid waste disposal, the comprehensive improvement of rural environmentengineering investment, consulting, design, engineering general contracting, complete sets of environmental protection equipment supply and service, has been the Municipal Industry (water, sanitation) design qualification, environmental engineering (water pollution) environmental protection engineering design special qualification of construction enterprises, professional contracting qualification, environmental pollution treatment facility operation (domestic sewage, industrial wastewater)qualification, has passed the ISO 9001/ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 quality,environment and occupation health and safety management system certification.

Yonker water main business scope covers urban and industrial park to the drainage, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, photovoltaic, heavy metals, steel mills, power plants and other industrial wastewater treatment,sludge dewatering, water reuse, groundwater pollution prevention. More than ten years, the company has completed hundreds of excellent engineering quality, rate of up to 100%. The Hunan radio and TelevisionCenter sewage treatment project was awarded "national key environmentalprotection practical technology demonstration project".

Yonker water adhering to the "leading technology, create a clear water and blue sky" business purpose, adhere to the independent research and development, innovation and breakthrough in the field of water treatmentand comprehensive utilization of resources; in domestic, industry as its mission, is committed to creating the lofty idea, the pursuit of excellence inbusiness 100 years.

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