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Hunan Yonker Machinery Manufacturing Co,. LTD.

Hunan Yonker Machinery Manufacturing Co,. LTD.

Hunan Yonker Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, under the Hunan leading environmental protection enterprises -- Hunan Yonker investment group, is a professional engaged in desulfurization, denitrification, wastewater, sludge and other types of environmental protection equipment development and manufacturing of large private enterprises.

Company and the world's top 500 SPX group cooperation, has the international first-class environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental protection technology co incubation center covers an area of 328 acres, with the international high-end equipment, is the domestic first-class production capacity, have a first-class technology, first-class R & D capability and product specifications of the most complete professional environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises; company to domestic environmental protection equipment industry and, as any, have a team of technical experts, environmental protection equipment development specialist products and technology talent team, including Dr., professor level senior engineer and enjoy the special allowance of the State Council expert 13 people, senior engineer 50 people, more than 75% personnel with college degree or above mid-level titles.

Company to modern management system, adhering to the principle of stronger, bigger, to do development better, give full play to their own advantages, relying on the environmental protection industry rich management experience and international well-known enterprises in environmental protection technology and talent advantages, developed efficient sludge thickening and dewatering design professional environmental protection equipment, highway integrated wastewater treatment equipment, spiral intermittent sludge dewatering machine, single center drive suction scraper and a number of high technical content; desulphurization facilities R & D and production of GGH, vacuum belt dewaterer, flue gas baffle door equipment widely used in domestic power plants and steel and iron and so on high pollution enterprises, in the industry establish a good market image and excellent Yonker brand. The company took the lead in the industry through the ISO9001:2008 international quality and environmental standards, the establishment of enterprises management procedure document science, dedicated to provide high-tech products and perfect service for the vast number of users.

The company focused on the environmental protection industry, is committed to creating a better living environment for human beings to contribute their expertise and services. "Advanced environmental protection technology, to create clear water and blue sky" is our forever goal.

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