About Us

    Founded in 1998, Yonker Group went through all the trails and hardships for nearly twenty years.

    During these years, Yonker made every effort to grow from just a environmental protection enterprise into a complete industrial chain of integrated environmental service group.

    Yonker has always stuck to its direction and valued quality the most by constant introspection and breakthroughs,as well as in reform and innovation, which only comes from our deepest fear, but also from our fear of the markets, the customers, the partners, and the career of the environmental protection.
    At the beginning of the company’s foundation, we held the dream "to leave the bright sky for future generations, and to save some clean water for human’s health ", we were devoted to the idea of “truly solving some tough environmentalproblems”.

    Today, we set our development goals on building a beautiful China, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection. We define the current Yonker Dream as to truly solve some environmental problems which are affecting people’s survival, and keep deepening the research in the environmental field, providing as well as implementing comprehensive environmental solutions.

    On the way to realize our dreams, I believe that the Yonkers will never stop being united, innovative, as well as brave enough to declare a war to pollution by technology, diligence and courage. We will achieve our billions plan, as well as our hundreds of billions dream, and eventually, we will build the enterprise into a comprehensive environmental service group with actual influence in international competition. We will, build a beautiful China, and achieve our environmental dream.


    NPC delegate, Chairman of Hunan Yonker Investment Group Co., Ltd.
    Zhengjun Liu

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