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Established in 1998, Hunan Yonker Investment Group Co., Ltd. is an integrated service enterprise with environmental protection and full industrial chain. It is one of "Top 50 Most Innovative Enterprises in China" and also the only A-share listed environmental protection enterprise in Hunan with a market value of over one hundred 100 million yuan (300187.SZ). The company now has more than 1,500 employees, under the jurisdiction of Yonker environmental, water Yonker, Yonker Research Institute, Yonker Oriental dust and many other professional subsidiaries, and has in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen A number of cities such as the establishment of a molecular company. 2014-2015 Yonker Environmental Rankings for Forbes Magazine in the United States for Two Consecutive Years. In March 2016, during the two sessions of the National People's Congress, when General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation of the Hunan delegation, he paid great attention and affirmed to the cadmium reduction technology of cultivated land control rice independently developed by Yonker.

Yonker is the creator of the brand of excellence

In recent years, Yonker has been elected vice president of China Environmental Protection Industry Association units, China Association of Agricultural Ecology and Environmental Protection Branch chairman unit, Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association president unit. The company has won many honorary titles such as "National Outstanding Brand Enterprise for Environmental Protection", "Leading Enterprise in National Environmental Comprehensive Service Competitiveness", "National Outstanding Contribution Enterprise of Air Pollution Reduction", "China Top 50 Innovative Companies" in the domestic environmental protection industry, Best environment contribution to listed companies "," the most socially responsible enterprises "and other honors.

Yonker is the environmental protection industry leader in the whole industry chain

The company has formed a complete environmental protection industry chain integrating R & D, consulting, design, manufacturing, project general contracting, operation and investment and financing. Its business scope covers soil remediation, environmental consulting, clean energy, haze management, sewage treatment and equipment manufacturing , Environmental testing and other environmental protection in all fields, the industry as the "general practitioners of the environment." Yonker is the first pilot unit of contractual environmental services in China and one of the first pilot units for third-party environmental pollution control in the country. It has successively implemented "third-party governance" and "PPP mode" of environmental pollution in many areas and created a pilot project of " Leading the recognition of "government-enterprise cooperation to deal with environmental issues Yongqing Xinyu mode."

Yonker is a leader in technological innovation

Invest 100 million yuan to build Hunan's largest environmental research and development center. The company has in the United States, Germany, South Korea and other academicians, Ph.D., professors, experts gathered the top environmental technology team and various types of professionals in more than 300. Relying on a strong technical team, Yonker has mastered a number of key core technologies with world-class and domestically leading levels in various fields such as arable land pollution control, soil remediation, ultra-low emission, waste power generation and water environment management, and has over 80 Technical patents. In July 2015, Yonker Environmental mergers and acquisitions of the world's leading IST company, a soil and groundwater remediation company with thousands of restoration projects, established Yongqing's leading position in soil remediation technology. In December 2015, the Company independently developed the technology of remediation of cadmium pollution in cultivated land and obtained the remediation effect of 60% reduction of cadmium in rice. The rapid development of Yonker, will be adhering to the "leading environmental technology, creating clear blue sky," the consistent aim to create "one hundred billion industry, a hundred years Yonker" as its goal, committed to developing into China's environmental protection field "Apple" brand enterprises , To make positive contributions to helping green development and building a beautiful China.

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